Meet the Staff of Southern Motor Company

Randy Kennedy - Sales/Finance


Chris Salisbury - Sales Day to Day to operations

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Chris is the grandson of Edwin H Salisbury - long time member of First Baptist Church in North Charleston, SC, and well-known for doing good car business from the 50s to the 80s. Chris has been married to Kristen L Salisbury since 1999 and they have 2 daughters together. Chris is well-known for his vehicle get ready process while he owned Charleston Detail Services. He lays his hands on every car before it arrives to our store and makes sure all vehicles are as clean and safe as if his family members would be driving it. Very few owners/dealers are on site as much as Chris is throughout the day - he wants to ensure that his customers are well cared for and enjoy their car buying experience. Sometimes things do happen, however Chris is quick to make sure that all problems are resolved in a timely manner. Chris's biggest concern on a daily basis is that our prices are the most competitive and quality of our product and online reviews speak for themselves.

Harry Moultrie - Inventory Control Manager

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Harry has been faithfully working with our Owner - Chris Salisbury - for the past 15 years! Harry's primary responsibility is to ensure that every vehicle which becomes available for sale at Southern Motor Company lives up to our extremely high quality control standards. From maintaining our inventory to assisting in day to day operations, Harry does it all! He continues to be the right hand guy of Chris and Southern Motor Company.

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